PostHeaderIcon I Am A Miracle History

In January, 2005, a few hundred people attended the Miracle Mastery Conference sponsored by Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey in Portland, Oregon. Someone got inspired to create a book of miracle stories, but wanted help. An announcement was made; the next morning the I am a Miracle book team met for the very first time! Please join us in the inspiration this project has given us all!


We were a group of people who had never met, from all over the country. We had diverse backgrounds, talents and interests, but we had three very important things in common:

We believed in miracles.

We wanted to put our energies into creating more miracles in the world.

And. . . . none of us had ever created a book or CD before!

What unfolded next was miraculous. We defined our mission statement, created goals, timelines, committees, and budgets. Financing for the project fell gracefully into place. Through telephone conference calls and emails, lots of learning and growing, the first volume of I am a Miracle was hot off the presses a mere 8 months later!

Little did we know that the response of writers, artists, and musicians would continue long after that first book came out! Soon we were off and running with Volume II, a second beautiful collection of miracle stories, art and music.

Since then, we’ve become a 501c3 foundation, completed Volume III and are currently planning Volume IV.

We had accomplished our goals of:

...Being “People together uniting authors, artists, and musicians in projects which create miracles in the world.”
....Supporting authors, artists and musicians by giving them greater exposure, greater credibility, and money making opportunities, and
....Inspiring their readers, viewers and listeners with art that expressed new possibilities.

We publish books and CDs that get art out into the world where it can inspire and create more miracles!